FAI is a professional architectural and urban design firm that engages in the design of buildings, interiors, constructed environments, public areas, and communities.


Urban Design

FAI makes connections between people and places in the urban fabric to enhance livable conditions. Urban design is derived from planning, architectural design, economic development, transportation, environmental stewardship and cultural influences. FAI transcends typical implementations by highlighting and building on the strengths of the community.



FAI provides programming services through research and the decision-making process that helps clients identify the scope of work to be designed, including functional and exceptional requirements.

Project Management

FAI provides project management services to clients with a digitized environment where collaboration is facilitated between the client, architects, engineers, contractors, and any other project contributor. Each can view and respond to document updates as soon as they occur. PM software provides immediate e-mail notification of all or selected individuals as items are posted, and all project documents, including submittals, architectural supplementary information, requests for information, requests for change, applications for payment, etc., can be viewed and responded to 24 hours a day in different time zones.


Sustainable Design

FAI offers services by LEED Accredited Professionals for all projects. More importantly, FAI practices moderation in design without additional fees. Simple techniques such as building orientation, window orientation, wall and roof compositions, and many other simple cost and energy saving logical applications are applied as part of a design methodology which always results in innovative design.